Mark Shackleton – Vocals/ Guitar
Luke Willock – Guitar/ Vocals
Owen Walls – Bass/ Vocals
Ethan Harder – Drums/ Vocals

What sets The Grounds apart from other young bands on the rise is their unique ability to achieve multi-part harmonies that often include all four band members. The Calgary based band form their sound with a blend of influences from Grunge to Classic rock, an ensemble of vocal harmonies and individual instrument parts that intertwine to create their unique and memorable sound.

Since their inception in 2011, the band has grown and developed quickly showing a level of maturity and professionalism that is rare at this stage of their career. The 2016 debut album from this young 4-piece Rock Alternative band delivers unparalleled 4 part harmonies, powerful melodies and guitar riffs that blend an up to date Alternative style with a hint of 90’s Grunge to create a sound uniquely their own.

Winning over local promoters, venues and fans has seen them open for touring bands such as Pigeon Park and Bleeker Ridge. The Grounds are solidly on their way to a successful future.


Bleeker Ridge
Pigeon Park